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Shortsea shipping

Discover SSS and its stakeholders

The Quebec SSS Council launched its new SSS Directory(French only), which lists the main shortsea shipping players (ship owners, stevedores and port authorities). Created for potential shippers and other stakeholders, it provides clear, concise information on the operation and advantages of this means of transport, details on services offered, key destinations and facilities, and cargo carried and handled by each company.


What is shortsea shipping?

Shortsea shipping is a multimodal transportation concept involving inland marine cargo and passenger transport without ocean crossings, i.e., within lakes and river systems and along coastlines.

While it entails primarily domestic shipping, it can also include cross-border traffic between Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Once known as ''coastal shipping'', the term “shortsea shipping” is being used more and more.

Shortsea shipping benefits

Economical and energy-efficient, shortsea shipping can either complement or offer a great alternative to other means of transportation. St. Lawrence Shipoperators works tirelessly to promote and accelerate shortsea shipping's development for cargo transport.

Benefits of shortsea shipping are:

  • Better energy efficiency;
  • Fewer greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Less road damage and lower road maintenance costs;
  • Less risk of traffic accidents.

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