Public consultations on the Oceans Protection Plan

As part of its Ocean Protection Plan commitments, the Canadian government conducted a number of public consultations on how to further protect Canada’s coasts and waterways and how to promote safe and responsible shipping.

First, the government was seeking public input about potential legislative changes aiming at strengthening Transport Canada’s authority to put in place regulatory safeguards and to enable rapid intervention to address marine safety and enhance marine ecosystem protection. Other potential changes include the modernization of Canada’s Ship-source Oil Pollution Fund, the strengthening of environmental response by the Canadian Coast Guard, and the support to regulated research and innovation. SLS submitted comments regarding several changes that directly impact its member.

The final brief submitted can be consulted here (in French only).

The government also consulted the public on the development of a new, more collaborative approach to managing marine traffic issues in local waterways. The concept of Proactive Vessel Management is based on the establishment of discussion forums bringing together different stakeholders such as different levels of government, indigenous people, the marine industry and NGOs. These forums will be mandated to develop voluntary or regulatory measures that promote safe navigation and environmental protection in local waterways.

The final brief submitted can be consulted here (in French only).

Françoise Quintus