SLS collaborates closely with other industry players on a wide range of issues that impact our members. These partnerships take various forms, including information- and expertise-sharing, joint event organization, common positioning and promotion/communications support.



St. Lawrence Economic Development Council

The St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES) is a non-profit organization mandated to protect and promote the St. Lawrence’s economic interests. It represents the maritime community whose activities directly or indirectly impact the River’s economy in all regions of Québec. SODES also coordinates both the Maritime Information Bureau (MIB) and the Maritime Information System (MIS).


Green Marine

Green Marine is the Canadian and US marine industry voluntary environmental certification program of which SLS is an associate member and in which many of our members participate.


Human Resources Sectorial Committee of the Maritime  Industry

The Human Resources Sectorial Committee of the Maritime Industry (CSMOIM) mission is to support employers and workers by implementing projects aimed at human resources and skills development and promoting marine sector-related trades and professions. 


Chamber of Marine Commerce

The Chamber of Marine Commerce (CMC) is a bi-national association that represents marine industry players primarily in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway area, including domestic and international ship owners and ship operators, terminals, elevators, shippers and other shipping-related companies.


Shipping Federation of Canada

The Shipping Federation of Canada represents the interests of ship owners, operators and agents involved in Canada’s international trade and operating, managing or acting on behalf of more than 200 shipping lines the world over.