SLS, a key shipping sector player since 1936, represents 14 domestic ship owners and operators involved in cargo and passenger transport in St. Lawrence waters, the Great Lakes, the Arctic and the Maritime provinces.

SLS works on an ongoing basis with government authorities at all levels, elected officials and other interested parties to represent our members’ interests.

The four main thrusts of the role SLS plays are: information, cooperation, promotion and representation. Regulatory watch, pooling expertise, taking positions and creating strategic links with other associations, organizations and stakeholders are among the means used. 

With the support of our more than 85 associate members, SLS’ solid, sustainable network enables us to help enhance the visibility of and develop shipping activities on the St. Lawrence. 



Our Mission

St. Lawrence Shipoperators' mission is to represent and promote the interests of Canadian shipoperators in order to support their growth and develop shipping on the St. Lawrence River.

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Our Vision

With its members' commitment and a proactive approach, St. Lawrence Shipoperators' vision is to be the reference in terms of domestic shipping on the St. Lawrence River.