SLS works with SODES to organize Québec Marine Day (QMD), held annually on the 4th Tuesday in October at the National Assembly of Québec, to allow Québec marine industry representatives to meet with parliamentarians to inform them about current and future priority issues. QMD was officially recognized by Order-in-Council in 2002 and is exclusively reserved for SLS and SODES members.

Québec Marine Day 2018 will run on October 23 under the theme of ‘Join a World in Motion’.

During the last years the marine industry and the government have built a strong and successful collaboration to implement the Québec Maritime Strategy, resulting in the development of a sustainable maritime economy in the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence corridor. Most recently, the government recognized marine transportation as an efficient, safe and sustainable way for transporting goods and people in its 2030 Sustainable Mobility Policy.

Nevertheless, several economic sectors are facing major uncertainties about future development. The international political stage has been hit by events that may disrupt world trade and have important impacts on marine transportation in Québec. Therefore it is crucial to continue to join forces to maintain and increase our competetiveness.